Dry d


Using hite’s dry technology developed after 5years of research, Dry d is the purest and freshest beer without any unwanted taste or smell. This is beer production technology at its purest!


  • Bottle 330 mL / 500 mL
  • Can 355 mL / 500 mL
  • PET 1,000 mL / 1,600 mL
ABV 4.8%
Description Extra cold dry technology is used to create the purest aroma. Jointly researched with Danbrew (Denmark) for 5 years, consumer research was carried out for 2.5 years to achieve the perfect quality.
  • Label Design

    The key design concept is to express Dry d’s identity more intensively. On top of a sharp steel background, the Dry d logo is engraved to visually represent its pure and fresh taste.
  • Naming

    It was a name that surprised many. Dry d was named after the direction the brand is heading. The name has a creative twist, as it can be read in both Korean and English at the same time.
  • After 5 years of research, the best dry yeast was found after failing 49 times!

    The taste of beer depends on yeast, which turns barley and water into beer! To create a new taste, a new kind of yeast is essential! Yeast production technology is a top secret among beer manufacturers.

    After 5 years of research, we finally found special dry yeast that creates an authentic aroma by fermenting wort to the last degree.
  • Create extra cold beer by removing any unwanted aftertaste!

    As the sweetness in the aftertaste interferes with the purity of beer, dry beer is a perfect choice for the Korean market. Dry d only uses premium quality yeast and ingredients to bring the best beer for Korean consumers.
  • Partnered with the World-class Firm, “Danbrew Alectia”

    In 2005, we signed a development consulting partnership on new products with one of the world’s top beer research firms, Danbrew Alectia in Denmark and developed a 105-step development quality process, 67 types of sensory tests, and carried out in-depth consumer research for 26 months. Finally, Dry d was created after 5 years of development and with unprecedented financial investment
Beer experts around the world focus on these two questions when it comes to the best way to drink beer.
  1. 01. Is the glass suitable for this specific
  2. 02. How is it poured?
We present d-Point, which is the best glass to drink Dry d.
  1. 1Make sure the beer is cold.
  2. 2Check for the d-Point (ask for the d glass).
  3. 3Hold the glass at 15 degrees.
  4. 4Pour the beer, aiming at the d-Point.
  5. 5Check the ratio (8:2).

Dry d Bottle

  • Shape

    Slim Body for Best Grip

    Ergonomically designed slim body with a protruding area to prevent slippage and ensure the best grip.
  • Shoulder

    Premium Korean Beer Brand

    We listened to consumer input about the bottle’s shoulder height, making sure it represents us as a premium Korean beer brand.
  • Color

    New Color for New Quality

    Although consumers prefer transparent bottles, beverage quality is ultimately more important than design. To block UV rays that affect the quality of beer, we use darker brown bottles to make sure that Dry d stands out with its premium quality.
  • Recycle

    Saving Resources

    The bottle is designed with a larger bottom to minimize damage at recycling facilities and improve its recyclability. As a result, it helps save resources, and the bottles are clean with less prone to damage.
  • Pride

    Design with Unique Value

    The bottle design can change the perception of consumers, so we chose the bottle that can represent this drink offers the best value.



가격표 (시행일시:2017년 1월 1일/단위 : 원)

500 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 1,045.11 104.51 1,149.62 880 1119
20본 20,902.18 2,090.22 22,992.40 880 1119

330 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 770.82 77.08 847.90 880 1119
30본 23,124.55 2,321.45 25,437.00 880 1119

500 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 1,540.44 154.04 1,694.48 880 1119
24본 36,970.47 3,697.05 40,667.52 880 1119

355 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 1,129.06 112.91 1,241.97 880 1119
6팩 6,774.38 677.44 7,451.82 880 1119
24본 27,097.53 2,709.75 29,807.28 880 1119

페트 1000 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 2,166.27 216.63 2,382.90 880 1119
12본 25,995.27 2,599.53 28,594.80 880 1119

페트 1600 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 3,457.37 345.74 3,803.11 880 1119
6본 20,744.24 2,074.42 22,818.66 880 1119