Ilpoom JINRO 18years

대한민국의 명주가 되다 하이트 진로 since1924
100년 동안 그 명성을 지켜온 대한민국 대표 주류 브랜드로서 세계의 명품주와 어때를 나란히 할 우리의 술 하나쯤은 있어야 한다고 생각했습니다. 16년 연속 세게 소주 판매 1위의 명성과 철학과 기술을 모아 일품진로 18년 산, 이 한 병에 모두 담았습니다.


  • Bottle 375 mL
ABV 31%
Description The best premium Soju that only 6,000 bottles are born in a year with mature of the most flavorful portion of the liquid of 100% pure rice for 18 years in the oak barrel.
A precious premium alcohol allowed only to 6,000 people
A thick and deep one drop that was born with 18 years of waiting and diligence and rigorous manufacturing process! The best premium Soju in Korea that is born only in 6,000 bottles a year because it is difficult and precious. Please feel the excellent incense and flavor of Ilpoom Jinro 18years.
The aesthetics of aging in the oak barrel 18 years
The cleanest Soju made by distilling carefully fermented liquid rice material over a long time! In order to have the best incense and flavor, all of these precious alcohols are placed in an oak barrel, periodically changing positions and wooden barrels, and aged for 18 years. Only the 100% pure rice raw material that I obtained so precious becomes the Ilpoom Jinro 18years
On October 17, 1999, the day when the sky and the wind were splendid
Started by choosing only good rice and cooking rice. Carefully fermented liquid rice material over a long time has taken the incense of mature Soju through the distillation technology accumulated for 100 years. The most flavorful portion of the liquid of 100% pure rice was allowed here at the oak barrel brewery. 100% fermented liquid that survived 18 years in oak barrel. So, finally the most premium Soju, Ilpoom Jinro 18-years opened the door to the world.
It is born with the power of nature and is completed with the power of time
In October, 2018, the sky, the wind were splendid….
Make the world drink with the best incense and flavor.
Balanced spirits over whiskey A very clean last taste that can not feel any negative flavor
Representative of Taittinger / Mr. Clovis Taittinger
The best Soju ever to be tasted It presents a very special experience with softness incomparable to other whiskeys
Carlsberg General / Anders
Strong incense of oak barrels and delicate flavors in the light taste of alcohol 18 years of long-term aging, the spirit of wine is as delicate as it is alive
Takashimizu / Hitoshi Katou * Sake Artisan, Winner for National New Alchol Appraisal Society for 15 consecutive years, Japan TOP
Premium clean Soju that breaks prejudice of diluted Soju Delicate and elegant and impressive to drink like Sake.
Jeong Ha-bong *National Representative 1 Sommelier / Vice President of Korea International Sommelier Association