Jinro Bok Bun Ja Joo

진로 햇복분자

진로 햇복분자

  • Say Goodbye to Old Bokbunja!
    Fresh Bokbunja is Here!
    Fermented and matured using 100% Korea-produced freshly harvested bokbunja, Jinro Bok Bun Ja Joo offers a fresh taste and nutritional benefits.


  • Bottle 375 mL
ABV 15%
Description Fermented and matured using only 100% freshly harvested bokbunja

a-Production Process

  1. STEP 01.100% Local Produced Harvesting

    Jinro Bok Bun Ja Joo only uses freshly harvested bokbunja to achieve the highest level of quality and nutritional benefits. The fruit of bokbunja has more sugar content and top commercial value. Jinro Bok Bun Ja Joo only uses first grade fruit to maintain its premium quality.

  2. STEP 02.Stringent Quality Control
    & Exceptional Effort Selection

    After harvesting bokbunja, it undergoes a stringent quality process by inspecting the conditions of fruit and the content of sugar and ingredients. To make 100% freshly harvested bokbunja, we apply stringent quality control and commit our best efforts.

    Selection Process
    * Delicate bokbunja fruit is instantly frozen for storage.
  3. STEP 03.Innovative Technology for Better
    Flavor Low Temperature Maturing

    After defrosting bokbunja, we use our exclusive expertise to produce the bokbunja concentrate. Using only the freshly harvested bokbunja, fermentation and low temperature maturing are the secret behind its rich and authentic flavor.

  4. STEP 04.In a Sensual Bottle

    After low-temperature maturing, the concentrate is filtered to remove any unwanted materials. Finally, it is put in attractive bottles and disinfected to create the rich, authentic flavored Jinro Bok Bun Ja Joo



가격표 (시행일시:2017년 1월 1일/단위 : 원)

375 mL

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