XXXX GOLD is a representative beer of LION which is Australia's largest liquor company and is the best-selling beer in Australia since 2011. You can enjoy the rich smelling hop that allows a smooth swallow with this lager-type beer. With 3.5% of ABV (alcohol by volume), experience the clean and fresh taste which can be enjoyed lightly during outdoor activities such as camping, barbequing, surfing, fishing etc.


  • Bottle 375mL
  • Can 500mL
ABV 3.5%
Description XXXX GOLD is the representative and best-selling Australian Lager, which allows a flavor of rich hops with very soft swallowing.
In the British Commonwealth of Nations, the strength of beer tastes is expressed as “X”. The stronger the ABV and the flavor, the more number of X is added. It is named “XXXX” in accordance with its strength of bitter taste. Since then, a light and well-swallowed beer for the Australians’ appetite was created and in order to distinguish it from the early-staged four X, “GOLD,” which represents the sun of Queensland, Australia, was added and today’s XXXX Gold was born.