Ensure the best quality.
Q-UP Management

HITEJINRO’s quality control system for providing consumers with fresh beer at its best condition. From draft beer managers to HITEJINRO Academy, we provide the best quality control training.

Q-UP Draft Team
The draft beer quality control team is responsible for delivering fresh beer at its best condition to consumers.
In addition its existing activities focusing on installing and repairing draft beer equipment and facilities, the team provides quality and hygiene control at draft beer venues around the country and offers knowledge and information on draft beer so that consumers can experience and enjoy fresh beer.
Draft Beer Managers
We introduce hite’s draft beer managers who provide top quality draft beer.
  • Q-UP Draft Beer Managers They offer top-notch technology and know-how to provide customers with top quality draft beer.
  • Q-UP Service Box They always carry draft beer inspection tools to enact draft beer quality control on a regular basis.
Roles of Q-UP draft beer managers
Draft beer managers earn their qualification through a systematic education and management process that resembles the thorough fermentation and ripening process of hite beer. They take on customer and store management roles after gaining sufficient skills and experience.
They study and research not only draft equipment management but also other areas, including beer taste and quality control, store management, and marketing. Through of these efforts, they come to learn how to provide consumers with quality beer and become reliable supporters for store owners.
Online Academy
Through our online and mobile programs, anyone can easily receive draft beer quality control training.