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HITEJINRO establishes regional donation funds as part of the “Compassion for Neighbors Campaign ” and donates various goods to local communities and those less fortunate every year.

  • Providing for the underprivileged

    HITEJINRO has implemented various community support programs for the underprivileged such as providing uniforms, rice, fuel, and winter dishes along with many regional donations.

  • School uniforms support program

    We have supported uniforms to low-income students in Cheonan and Asan since 2009, providing 339 students until early 2012 with uniforms valued at 134 million won.

  • Talent donation

    Our employees visit local children’s centers in an effort to contribute to society with their talent and skills. They make food with children, donate necessary goods like computers to children, and also provide related training for them.

  • Support for seniors living alone

    HITEJINRO visits disabled seniors living alone and local senior welfare centers on Parent’s Day and donates wheelchairs and other necessary goods.

  • Blue Ribbon for Hope Tree Campaign

    Through this campaign, our employees give personally prepared gifts to children and teenagers raised by their grandparents, instead of their parents, through local children’s centers around the world.

  • Executives' charity work on the company's anniversary

    HITEJINRNO's executive volunteers visit financially struggling neighborhoods in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul on the company anniversary to give necessary everyday goods and make summer desert patbingsoo (shaved ice with red bean paste) for them.

  • Support for the areas of the Philippines hit by typhoon Haiyan

    HITEJINRO has donated 100,000 bottles of “Seoksu” and “Puriss” from HITEJINRO Beverage to the Philippines to help this country that announced a national emergency when it was hit by typhoon Haiyan. We have been helping struggling locals in the affected areas through additional funds for restoring damages.

  • Christmas and winter kit

    HITEJINRO makes and distributes a Christmas kit containing long underwear and woolen gloves that the company purchased to help financially struggling and low-income families stay warm in winter.

  • Raising hope during New Year's Day

    HITEJINRO invites children from local children's centers on New Year's Day. We have them make postcards conveying hopeful messages for the new year and participate in a domino game. We also donate rice cake soup to nearby social welfare centers.