Dry d


Dry d Bottle

color New Color for New Quality

Although consumers prefer transparent bottles,
beverage qualityis ultimately more important than design.
To block UV rays that affect the quality of beer, we use darker
brown bottles to make sure that Dry d stands out with its premium

recycle Saving Resources

The bottle is designed with a larger bottom to
minimize damage at recycling facilities and improve
its recyclability. As a result, it helps save resources,
and the bottles are clean with less prone to damage.

shape Slim Body for Best Grip

Ergonomically designed slim body with a protruding area to
prevent slippage and ensure the best grip.

shoulder Premium Korean Beer Brand

We listened to consumer input about the bottle’s
shoulder height, making sure it represents us as
a premium Korean beer brand.

pride Design with Unique Value

The bottle design can change the perception of consumers,so we
chose the bottle that can represent this drink offers the best value.