Australia’s representative craft, Coopers

The oldest independent brewery in Australia
Coopers is Australia's major brewery ran for 160 years since 1862,
spanning six generations. It is the only brewery left in the country,
entirely owned by an Australian family.
Special Brewing Method: Natural conditioning & secondary fermentation
Coopers Ale obtains its unique taste and turbidity through
the process called “natural conditioning.” Here, a small amount
of yeast remains in the ale, resulting in secondary fermentation
in cans, bottles, and kegs. When carbonic acid is generated,
it gives the ale richer taste and flavor.
Roll Coopers in your own way to enjoy richer flavor.
To enjoy the perfect flavor of Coopers, roll the can smoothly
first before opening. As you roll the can, the yeast remaining
in the ale starts to activate through natural conditioning,
bringing about the rich flavor and unique cloudiness of Coopers.

Australia’s No.1 ale, Coopers Pale Ale