JINRO Red Wine

Jinro Red Wine

Jinro’s First Ever Premium Red Wine
Jinro Red Wine

HITEJINRO, Korea’s biggest and best multi-beverage manufacturer, partnered with Carlo Pellegrino, the producer of Italy’s first DOC wine—Marsala—to create this premium red wine under the ‘Jinro’ brand. Operating Sicily’s oldest and most prominent multi-generational winery, Carlo Pellegrino boasts more than 140 years of history and tradition.
product information
Origin Italy, Sicilia
Variety Nero d’Avola
Grade Terre Siciliane IGP
ABV 14%
Sweetness Dry Sweet
Body Light Full
Description Grapes are left to slightly dry on the vine and is harvested later than the usual harvesting period. After being softly crushed, it is slowly distilled in a temperature-controlled tank. After fermenting for more than 4 months and a stabilization period, the wine is released. Sun-dried harvesting methods and the premium oak barrels accentuate the rich, fruity aroma and create a lasting aftertaste.
Tasting Notes
  • • Ruby color encapsulated with purple rays
  • • Fruity aroma with strong hints of sun-dried flower petals with cherry,
    plum, pomegranate, dried plum and even fruit candy scent
  • • Rich, fruity flavors with velvety soft tannin and a lasting finish.