csrjoy CSR activities

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. shares joy with all members of society.

Youth&Joy Fruits of hope for children

HITEJINRO’s key CSR program “Talent Fostering”
is carried out with scholarships raised through HITEJINRO’s
companywide project “Love CAP”. We spend the funds to support
talent around the country, and we’ve donated a “scholarship for Icheon citizens”.

  • Community scholarships program
    Community-centered scholarship program provides consistent support to local scholarship foundations including Icheon Citizens Scholarship, Hongcheon Mugunghwa Scholarship, Daejeon myeonghak Scholarship, Gangneung-Goseong Scholarship.
  • Love Cap Project
    ‘Love Cap Project’ provides consistent support to various scholarship fundraisers by collecting bottle lids to save 100 won a lid, supporting single-parent families, underprivileged youth education and counseling, culture programs, and awareness improvement campaign.
  • Nurturing young talent
    We made Scholarship Fund business agreements with ‘Daejeon Global Talent Promotion Foundation’ on nurturing global talent by raising 320 million won, and are also fundraising for gifted youth sponsorship with Seosan Education Support Agency.
  • HITEJINRO scholarship students
    Under a donation agreement with the Korea Student Aid Foundation, we offer scholarships to university students who are children of struggling restaurant business owners.
  • Support for Dream Project
    HITEJINRO establishes scholarship funds with golf players through the “HITEJINIRO Championships” golf competition. We also provide financial support for especially talented teenagers selected by Korea Association of Children's Center Council to help them develop their talent further.
  • Mini Library Project
    HITEJINRO employees donate secondhand children's books as well as books recommended by children to local children's centers. Through the Mini Library Project, HITEJINRO also helps with furniture and wall painting work so that children can pursue their dreams in a clean environment.
  • Cultural experience on Children’s Day
    We created and have been supporting field trip programs with a focus on experience-oriented events so that children can expand their dreams and experiences through cultural activities.
  • Making bread of love
    We give bread that our staff baked to those in financially challenging situations, sharing food and providing everyday goods.