csrjoy Ethical Management

Creating a fair and transparent corporate culture.

Sharing the excitement and hope of life with people across the world.
							Maintaining the highest level of ethical standards as the world’s best corporation

We clearly define our ethical standards for compliance
with the Competition Act while preventing illegal practices and taking proactive measures in case
of violation.

HITEJINRO Ethical Practice System

추진목표 설정
Ethical Management
Online Report Center
· Rules
Code of Ethics/Rules of Conduct
· Organizations
Ethical Management Division-Management Analysis
Team/Ethical Audit Team
· Training
Campaign for Refusing Holiday Gifts
· Monitoring
Collection and analysis of data regarding corruption and
unethical conduct
· Ethical Management Online Report Center
Online Report Center-Cheongeumgo/Voluntary Report

HITEJINRO Code of Ethics

  • Responsibility & Obligation towards Customers
    The Company respects the customers’ decisions and earns their trust.
    The Company delivers excellent product and service quality.
  • Responsibility & Obligation towards Employees
    The Company promotes individual creativity and provides opportunities for fair competition.
    The Company creates a productive and motivating work environment.
  • Commitment towards Shareholders
    The Company respects the rights of its shareholders and provides information in a fair and transparent manner.
    The Company increases its corporate value and shares profit through a transparent decision-making process and efficient practices.
  • Commitment towards Partners & Competitors
    The Company selects partners in a fair manner and ensures reasonable business conditions.
    The Company selects partners in a fair manner and ensures reasonable business conditions.
  • Social Responsibility & Obligation
    The Company complies with the government policies and laws.
    The Company respects social customs and traditions while making efforts for mutual growth.
    The Company follows international conventions and laws for the protection of human rights, environment, and culture.

HITEJINRO Cheongeumgo

We implemented “Cheongeumgo” to prevent unethical and unfair business
practices and improve our ethical standards.

What is Cheongeumgo?
“Cheongeum” means “clear voice” and “listen” while the word “Go”
originates from the drum located in Daegwolmunru that was played to
complain of the injustice done to the people since the reign of King
Taejong in Joseon Dynasty.