csrjoy &Joy

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. engages in CSR activities to create a more joyful and happier society for everyone.

CSR activities at a glimpse

HITEJINRO is the representative company of Korea’s liquor industry.
Helping resolve social issues and sharing joy with all members of
society through our actions, we continue to contribute to making
a happier world.

중장기 계획

  1. Step 01 Introduction and growth 2012-2014
    Set up CSR plans
    Establish integrated CSR measures
    Create CSR database
    Find new business opportunities
    and implement them
  2. Step 02 Establishing 2015-2017
    Strategic partnerships with
    NGOs/NPOs Contribute to the
    global community
    (representation + voluntary work)
    Strengthen local and international
    CSR projects
  3. Step 03 Expansion 2018-2020
    Create a corporate culture that
    encourages social contribution
    Expand marketing campaigns for public
    interests Increase stakeholders'
    participation Comply with global standards
    Recognize and implement global standards
    and instructions

Mid to long-term plans

  • 2019 2016
    New Year's Day food sharing support event
    HITEJINRO Holdings university scholarship certificate ceremony
    Beautiful Forest Creation Project
    Opening of resting place for fire fighters in old fire house in Jeonju
    Hosts the 4th HITEJINRO Youth Business Opening Competition
    Hosts Safety Cam-paign in Changwon
    Provides ‘Hanbangool’ Scholarship for students from the household of fire fighters
    Signed voluntary service activity agreement with the Seocho municipal elderly care center
    New Year’s Day rice cake soup sharing event
    Supported local children's center in watching the PyeongChang Olympic Games
    HITEJINRO university scholarship certificate ceremony
    Support for National Disabled Persons Day
    Green Santa volunteering
    Supply water for the underprivileged during summer
    Inaugural commemorative emergency relief kit production service
    Firefighter welfare improvement support project
    Social Welfare Day sponsorship
    Social welfare institution support project for Chuseok
    Walking cane support for welfare center on Day for the Elderly
    HITEJINRO championship vehicle support
    The 3rd HITEJINRO youth entrepreneurship competition
    Family healing camp for firefighters who died in the line of duty
    Beautiful store flea market in Anyang
    Kimchi sharing event in Jeonju
    Sponsored the local children's center Christmas sharing event
    National Security Campaign with Fire Departments
    New Year's Day sharing event
    Regular volunteer activities of employees at Hasang Welfare Center for disabled people
    Single parent center support with Jungsaemmool for 1 year university of Iseul TokTok
    Dream voucher vehicle support
    6th anniversary celebration of mutual growth win-win cooperation
    Water support for dosshouse for summer
    Support for heavy rain damage in Cheongju
    Emergency relief assistance for the area affected by the Pohang earthquake
    Beautiful store flea market in Kwang-Ju Hightech Industrial Park
    The 2nd HITEJINRO Youth Entrepreneurship Competition
    Employee volunteering for making Kimchi
    Establishment of social welfare institution Hope Tree
    New Year's Day sharing event
    Signed regular service agreement with Seoul Children's Hospital
    HITEJINRO scholarship
    Environment protection campaign
    HITEJINRO championship vehicle support
    Partner company flea market in Cheongju
    Water support for Korea Association of the Blind
    Support for unification festival for the disabled
    The 1st HITEJINRO youth entrepreneurship competition
    Cake support for seniors living alone
    Year-end Christmas social welfare institution voucher support
  • 2015 2012
    Selected and supported 2015 HITEJINRO Scholarship students
    Project for supporting Korean Chinese people in Korea
    Sponsored United Festival for the Disabled
    Food sharing on traditional holidays
    Cultural experience event at a local children's center for Family Month
    Executives' voluntary activity “Making bread of love” in collaboration with Korean Red Cross
    Provided cars for social welfare organizations in connection with Dream Voucher Project
    Helped restore damages caused by extremely hot weather
    Supported Dail Social Welfare Foundation's Five Bottles and Two Fish Day event
    Participated in UniKorea Fund Project
    Donated goods to Korea Blind Union
    A charity bazaar jointly held with a partner company – Beautiful Store Busan
    “2014 Hope Building” for New Year holiday
    Helped restore damages caused by heavy snow in Yeongdong
    Meal Donation Campaign Season 2
    Hope Tree Campaign, Mini Library Project
    Supported local children's centers (farming experience and goods donation)
    Offered scholarships for logistics partner companies
    Supported the families of the Sewol Ferry accident in Jindo
    HITEJINRO Scholarship Project for children of food and drink industry people
    Executives' voluntary work for celebrating the company's anniversary – “wall painting”
    Held scholarship projects and supported underprivileged in local communities
    Supported Korean Chinese people in Korea
    Provided help for those affected by heavy rain in Busan
    HITEJINRO Championship – Supported Seoul Children's Hospital
    Held a charity bazaar in collaboration with employees from a partner company
    Year-end festival for sharing
    Held an idea contest for partner companies
    Donated goods needed in summer for those living in a poor neighborhood in Yeongdeungpo
    Supported a local children's center's cultural event
    Meal Donation Campaign Season 1
    Show kindness for others through charity work on New Year's day
    Water Sharing Festival for celebrating Water Day
    Announced a CSR BI for the first time in the liquor industry
    Provided wheelchairs for seniors living alone
    Hope Tree Campaign for the children of those underprivileged
    Provided scholarships for children of food and drink industry people
    Offered scholarships for children of our logistic partner company's employees
    Donated kimchi to low-income families in Busan
    Sponsored a walking contest for celebrating Braille Day
    Provided overseas travel opportunities for cultural learning to employees of outstanding suppliers
    Set up “Dream Project Support Fund” for talented children
    Held a charity bazaar for Beautiful Store with employees of our suppliers
    Provided funds for Korean Chinese people in Korea
    Donated water to those affected by a typhoon in the Philippines
    Held Golden Bell Quiz to improve public perception of disability
    Donated goods needed for winter to low-income families at the end of the year
    joins One Cultural Heritage by One Company
    supports the underprivileged with rice
    supports low-income youth with school uniforms.
    supports Japan’s earthquake victims
    joins Wholesome drinking campaign of ‘Alcoholic Gang Busters’ program
    supports Typhoon Belaven & Den bin’s victims
    holds blood donations
    holds Pleasant Charities together with Beautiful Shop Foundation.
    volunteers for local children’s center computer support and talent donations.
  • 2011
    performs Love Cap Project.
    Child protection project
    launches Chamisul Volunteers
    supports ‘Love Mongol’ with rice donation.
    volunteers for Habitat homebuilding service.
    supports Human Resources Developments in Daejoeon region.
    donates to the walking fundraiser for Multicultural Families.
    donates to the abused elderly prevention project.
    volunteers for Daily Community’s meal sharing service.
    supports the oil spill in the West coast with bottled water and recovery efforts
    is selected as a Green Company
    supports the “Smile Campaign” for children with incurable diseases.
    Sponsors Love Kimchi Festival by Children’s Foundation
    holds Love Mugunghwa Patriots Camp
    supports Beautiful Foundation’s fundraiser for donation.
    participates in Kimchi Sharing Fair by the Joint Fundraiser for Social Welfare.
    supports victims from Yongcheon Station explosion of North Korea.
    Supports Typhoon ‘Maemi’ victims with bottled water.
    Establishment of startup academy
    holds a fundraiser for Icheon City’s scholarship
    holds a fundraiser for inter-Korean cooperation and North Korean children.
    invites remote island school children to City Tour in Seoul
    constructs ‘Nocherry-andry-jae Hospital” in the Flower Village, Gapyeong.
    constructs ‘Ingok-jae Hospital’ in Emsung, Chungbuk.