• Can 355 mL
  • PET 1,600 mL
ABV 5%
Description Stout is a smooth and crisp lager-type dark beer that anyone can enjoy lightly.
  • Dark beer made with premium quality ingredients

    What determines the taste of dark beer is black malt. Our new Stout uses high-quality black malt from WEYERMANN, a German black malt maker founded in 1876 with a history of 135 years.
  • Dark beer with a unique taste loved by young people!

    People with their own unique color and style are reluctant to be compared with others and like to be different when choosing beer. Stout’s modern black-colored package makes a special spot stand out more.
  • Dark beer that makes special days even more special!

    Enjoying Stout itself is great. But making various kinds of dark beer cocktails catered to your tastes offers a different kind of delight and pleasure.

Do you find rich flavor and aroma of imported dark beer too bitter and too much?

Stout is a lager-type dark beer made from German high-quality black malt. Stout features a deep flavor, dark color and rich bubbles. The crisp and refreshing taste of this premium beer reduces the resistance to the beer itself and offers a satisfying taste.
  • What is lager-type dark beer?

    Lager refers to “Bottom-Fermented Beer” which is made from “Bottom-Fermented Yeast” that sank under the fermenter. The word was derived from the German word for “Storage”. Lager is made by storing for a long time at a lower temperature than Ale, the top-fermented beer. Unlike ale-type dark beer with a deep taste and aroma, lager-type dark beer features a crisp and refreshing taste thanks to the small amount of sediments.
  • Ale, the top-fermented beer

    Ales, which use yeast that float above fermenters, feature fragrant, rich and deep flavors.



가격표 (시행일시:2020년 10월 1일/단위:원)

355 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 1,269.78 126.98 1,396.76 880 1119
6팩 7,618.69 761.87 8,380.56 880 1119
24본 30,474.76 3,047.48 33,522.24 880 1119

패트 1600 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 3,655.98 365.60 4,021.58 880 1119
6본 21,935.89 2,193.59 24,129.48 880 1119