• Bottle 330 mL / 500 mL
  • Can 355 mL / 365 mL / 453 mL / 500 mL
  • PET 1,000 mL / 1,600 mL
  • Draft 20 L
ABV 4.5%
Description ‘Kelly,’ made with a double aging process, offers intense carbonation using 100% Danish premium malt grown with sea breeze from the North Atlantic Ocean. Denmark premium malt grown by sea breeze.

It is a perfectly balanced larger beer that softly touches your lips and surprises you with intense carbonation.

kelly info

  • 100% premium malt
    grown by sea breeze from Denmark,
    offering a smoother taste
    By germinating soft malt grown with sea breeze blown from the North Atlantic Ocean all year long 24 hours more, its soft foam and taste were maximized.
  • Double aging process
    once at 7°C and twice at -1.5°C
    The first aging is performed at 7°C for soft taste and the second aging at -1.5°C for stronger carbonation. The result is a perfect balance of softness and intenseness achieved with the optimal temperature found through many tests.
  • Amber Bottle,
    the first of its kind in Korea
    The golden amber bottle adorned with a quality signature shape as if carefully carved by a master craftsman completes the beer's quality and taste.