Ilpoom JINRO 23years

Become a premium alcohol of the Korea HITEJINRO Since 1924
As a major Korean alcohol brand that has maintained its reputation for a century, we came up with an idea to make our own alcohol to show our pride among the luxury liquors around the world. With the value and quality of Ilpoom JINRO Aged 21 Years having recognized as the top-notch premium soju from Korea, we won the Grand Prize at the Monde Selection 2023 Spirit category! With added value of 1 year, we proudly present to you our Aged 23 Years version.


  • Bottle 375 mL
ABV 31%
Description In order to embody the best aroma and flavor, it is kept in an oak barrel for 23 years of waiting and devotion to be born into the premium soju of the highest quality.
A precious premium alcohol allowed only to 8,000 people
A thick and deep one drop that was born with 23 years of waiting and diligence and rigorous manufacturing process! The best premium Soju in Korea that is born only in 8,000 bottles a year because it is difficult and precious. Please feel the excellent incense and flavor of Ilpoom JINRO 23years.
The aesthetics of aging in the oak barrel 23 years
The cleanest Soju made by distilling carefully fermented liquid rice material over a long time! In order to have the best incense and flavor, all of these precious alcohols are placed in an oak barrel, periodically changing positions andwooden barrels, and aged for 23 years. Only the 100% pure rice raw material that I obtained so precious becomes the Ilpoom JINRO 23years
Make the world drink with the best incense and flavor
While the aftertaste of oak, caramel, and coconut strongly lingers on the tip of the nose, a subtle spiciness coupled with a hint of woodiness from sweet fruit is felt on the palate. It's a light, refreshing premium soju.
Stephen Woodcock / Glen Turner ·Master Distiller
It's an honor to taste the Ilpoom Jinro’s premium soju every year. This year's 23-year-old Ilpoom Jinro also stands out as a superior soju. I was able to experience the taste of soju alive with the blend of caramel and honey aromas with a woodsy scent. Congratulations on releasing another premium soju this year.
Christian Dahncke / PAULANER ·PAULANER, Top Master Brewer.
The lingering sensation of complex oak, followed by a variety of aromas after drinking, and the deep flavor attained from 23 years of aging, are unparalleled.
JEONG, Habong ·Senior Vice President, Korea International Sommelier Association