Jinro House Wine


Jinro House Wine is rich with flavor as it is made only using top quality ingredients from Spain, one of the top 3 wine producers in the world along with Italy and France. It has been a favorite wine among consumers, thanks to its reasonable price.

Since it was released in October 1966, Jinro House Wine has enjoyed popularity with its rich flavor and affordability. It has been favored by consumers who enjoy a low alcoholic beverage for the last 40 years and contributed to the popularization of wine in the local market. In February 12, 2009, it was released with a new brand mark and bottle cap as a premium wine brand.


  • Bottle 500 mL
ABV 10%
Description Authentic Korean style wine

가격표 (시행일시:2017년1월1일/단위:원)

300 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 1,590.91 159.09 1,750.00 880 1048
30 1003
19,090.91 1,909.09 21,000.00 880 1048
30 1805