기린 이치방

기린 이치방 시보리


  • Bottle 330 mL
  • Can 350 mL / 500 mL
  • Keg 15 L
ABV 5%
Description A crisp and clean beer that uses only the first-pressed wort brewed with the “Ichiban Shibori” method 100% malt beer that boasts the rich and deep flavor of beer itself Core beer brand of Kirin with a long history of more than 140

Kirin Frozen Nama

새로운 맛, 새로운 재미 기린 프로즌 나마
  • Bubbles frozen at -5℃ Ice cold bubbles created with the Kirin’s exclusive brewing technology
  • Authentic texture! Enjoy the frozen beer bubbles that you never experienced before
  • Keeps the beer cold for 30 minutes! The frozen bubbles keeps the carbonation longer as it serves as a cap and maintains the perfect temperature to the last sip.

기린 이치방 HISTORY

Kinrin Beer with more than 100 years of history

  1. 1870 Spring valley Brewery Founded
  2. 1885 Changed the name to Japan Brewery Company
  3. 1888 Launched Kirin Beer
  4. 1907 Changed the name to KIRIN Brewery
  5. 1973-1987 Took up more than 60% of the market share
  6. 1990 Launched Kirin Ichiban Shibori
  7. At present, KIRIN ICHIBAN becomes the No.1 all malt beer in Japan

기린 이치방 SYMBOL

  • Kirin, a mythological animal that brings happiness
    Kirin beer’s trademark is the create from imagination called “Kirin”. It is a mythological animal that originated in China and resembles a dragon. Known as the trademark of Kirin beer, the creature symbolizes happiness and beloved by people who drink Kirin beer.
  • In addition, the symbol contains Japanese Katakana letters ki-ri-n. It is a secret that is hidden by the designer who created the symbol.


가격표 (단위:원)

330 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 1,900 190 2,090 692101404
45,600 4,560 50,160

350 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 2,000 200 2,200 490141117
48,000 4,800 52,800

500 mL

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 2,650 265 2,915 490141117
63,600 6,360 69,960

Keg 15 L

포장 공급가 부가세 출고가 바코드
1본 113,000 11,300 124,300