College friends Jack White and Pete A’Hearn, who just wanted more people to enjoy craft beer of various styles and fragrance made of good raw materials, started out Home Brew Mart to sell raw craft beer. Based on their commitment to craft beer, Ballast Point was born in San Diego, U.S.

Origin of the Name “Ballast Point”
The Ballast Point in San Diego, U.S., is a historic site to collect stones used for balancing ships from the western American to Europe and eastern America.
The brand was named “Ballast Point” to convey the meaning that the spirit of craft beer is dreaming of a sea voyage.

“Fish Beer” of Ballast Point

Ballast Point made beers themed on fish, sailing, and sea considering the features of San Diego, and the founders’ and employees’ love of fishing.

All labels were drawn by Paul Elder who drew the illustration of the fish when drinking beer and talking about fishing with the founders. This illustration was the beginning of “fish beer”.

All names and labels show unique characteristics of Ballast Point, featuring fish caught in San Diego, and pirates and skeletons reminiscent of adventurous sailing.

“Sextant”, the Complex Object in the Brand Logo
The complicated object in the logo is a sextant, a navigational device used in the past to identify the current position of the ship using horizon and star positions. This is a brand that creates premium beers of all types allowing everyone to find high quality beer anytime, anywhere. It symbolizes the will of the BLAST POINT.