No.1 Weissbier in Germany, Paulaner

No. 1 독일 밀 맥주 파울라너

First seen in records in 1634, Paulaner is known for its excellent quality and taste, and is still loved as one of the representative German beers after 380 years. No.1 Weissbier in Germany, Paulaner Paulaner is exported to more than 80 countries around the world to promote the excellence of German beer. *Source : Nielsen, Value, Weissbier, Mat Aug 2018

No. 1 Oktoberfest beer in Germany, Paulaner

Paulaner, one of the six official beer brands of the world’s largest beer festival ‘Oktoberfest in Munich’, is the No. 1 Oktoberfest Beer Brand in Germany and the most selling brand at the Munich Oktoberfest. *Source : Nielsen, Volume, Oktoberfest Bier, Mat Aug 2018

Official sponsor of FC Bayern Munich Club, Paulaner

An official sponsor of the world-class football club FC Bayern Munich since 2003, Paulaner has always been with players and football fans around the world as a symbol of victory.