Coopers Pale Ale
Australia’s No.1 ale*, Coopers Pale Ale
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Pale ale with rich aroma and unique turbidity using choicest raw materials and a traditional ale brewing technique. Coopers Original Pale Ale is characterized by pleasant bitterness, distinct aroma of malt, and balanced fragrance of fruits and flowers.


  • Can 440 mL
ABV 4.5%
Description Stir-fried dishes that best match the aroma of Coopers Pale Ale
Salad that relieves bitterness
Chicken and seafood dishes that match the dry finish

Coopers Stout
Australia’s representative stout*
+ Shopper Intelligence 2023; ~ Synergy MAT Jan 24 % GABS 2023; # TRA Brand Report 2022

Chocolate, nut, black coffee, and roasted malt flavors fill in the mouth in the beginning, as raisin and smoked wood blend in over time. Bitterness of roasted malt finishes the taste.


  • Can 440 mL
ABV 6.3%
Description Pork or beef dishes that match the bitter finish of beer
Desserts such as cheese and chocolate,
and seafood such as oysters


Australia’s representative craft, Coopers

The oldest independent brewery in Australia
Coopers is Australia's major brewery ran for 160 years since 1862, spanning six generations. It is the only brewery left in the country, entirely owned by an Australian family.
Special Brewing Method: Natural conditioning & secondary fermentation
Coopers Ale obtains its unique taste and turbidity through the process called “natural conditioning.” Here, a small amount of yeast remains in the ale, resulting in secondary fermentation in cans, bottles, and kegs. When carbonic acid is generated, it gives the ale richer taste and flavor.
Roll Coopers in your own way to enjoy richer flavor.
To enjoy the perfect flavor of Coopers, roll the can smoothly first before opening. As you roll the can, the yeast remaining in the ale starts to activate through natural conditioning, bringing about the rich flavor and unique cloudiness of Coopers.