Safety and Health Management

HITEJINRO declares safety and health management policies, prioritizing safety and health.

Safety & health policies

  • Establishment of a substantial safety
    and health management system

    01. Establish and implement a substantial safety and health management system that complies with safety and health laws and related opinions of employees.

  • Consistent improvement of risk factors

    02. Consistently improve risk factors inherent to industrial sites via active safety and health communication and harmony.

  • Creation of a healthy work environment

    03. Create a healthy working environment for all members and employees of partner companies through systematic health and safety management.

Management policies and action plans

Safety and health action plans
Zero accidents
Advancement of improvement in harmful risk factors (promoted by department)
Reinforcement of a contingency plan operation system (against serious accidents and infectious diseases)
Additional safety improvement in high-risk places and processes
Reinforcement of responses to the Serious Disaster Punishment Act
Expansion of safety-related investment and risk reduction
Safety and health goals
Zero accidents
100% improvement rate for inspections of harmful risk factors
100% implementation of safety and health education for all employees
100% implementation of risk assessment in all workplaces
Zero occupational illness