Introducing new CI of ‘HITEJINRO Co., Ltd.’

Corporate Mark

H and J standing for HITE and JINRO combine three-dimensionally to visualize a glass, which means that the world is brimming with greater joy and energy through HITEJINRO. Font’s sense of volume encircling the glass and glowing texture in it represent dynamic motion of fluid caused by clinked glasses, which is what HITEJINRO is for and about in every walk of our life – delight, celebration, bravery, and passion.

Logo Type



100th Anniversary Emblem


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CI Concept

The Mix – Bouncing DropDOWNLOAD

The confluence of two watercourses means HITE meeting with JINRO, vigorous gushing stands for HITEJINRO’s zeal to flood the world with more joy.
It stands for water droplets, goblet and fill-up.

Water droplets : stand for pleasant energy filling up a sterile word.
goblet : stands for moments of life enriched by alcohol.
fill-up : stands for brimming over with enjoyment, energy, and vitality.


100c 89m 13Y 1K
20R 62g 141b
77c 27m 0Y 0K
0R 150g 214b


It reveals the passion of HITE and JINRO to combine and
fill the world with more joy and energy just as two cold
glasses clink to ignite a romance. And it’s the promise of
HITEJINRO to go wherever all the customers are with
passion and sensibility.
Passionate sense!
We often feel getting closer to people in emotion rather than in reason leads to more joy and sincerity. Likewise, we contribute to the emotional value of ideas, rest and energy to those.
Full of passion!
We reignite the passion most of us used to have but lost in compromise and abandonment.
Being truthful!
We serve customers in all sincerity over reasoning, doing our utmost to share our most wanted experiences with you.