ESG Food Safety Management

HITEJINRO Co. Ltd will take the lead in making quality management our priority.

Fresh 365 Campaign
fresh 365 CAMPAIGN The Fresh 365 Campaign is HITEJINRO’s quality control program, the first of its kind in
the industry, that has been implemented since 2006. With this “fresh” campaign, we
replace products whose “quality maintenance periods” have expired with new products
so that consumers can experience and enjoy the original flavors of fresh beer.
Quality maintenance periods for maintaining the best flavors
A quality maintenance period refers to a period where the best flavors are
Instead of following the existing distribution method where liquor products were only
released with manufacturing dates without expiration dates, we mark quality
maintenance periods on the labels.

  • The Quality Maintenance Period begins from the bottling date and ends on the date written on the label. As different products may have different quality maintenance periods, please make sure you check the product labels.