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HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. engages in CSR activities to create a more joyful and happier society for everyone.

CSR activities at a glimpse

HITEJINRO is a national company representing
Korea's liquor industry, creating a happy world by solving
social problems and practicing sharing with everyone.

Social Contribution Management Value

Through the core value of CSR, "Do With All Your Heart",
we will become a company that truly rewards the love and interests received from customers over 100 years with true sharing.

mid- to long-term goals

HITEJINRO fulfills its roles and responsibilities as the first company in the Korean liquor industry to approach its 100th anniversary.
We will lead another 100 years through various CSR activities with 4 core projects of safety, environmental protection, youth support, and sharing & volunteering.

4 core projects

Safety After signing an agreement with the National Fire Agency, we’ve been actively conducting campaigns for raising national awareness of safety and various activities for firefighters and their families such as improving labor conditions of firefighters and sponsoring the bereaved.
A project for supporting the bereaved (healing camp, legal expenses/educational expenses/urgent living expenses, special congratulations and condolences expenditure)
National safety campaign (yielding for fire trucks/Summer water safety/Winter fire safety campaign, sponsoring fire safety facilities)
Improving labor conditions of firefighters (sponsoring the maintenance of outworn equipment, snack truck, contactless fitness competition, commissioner’s cup fitness competition)
Youth Support We are continuously supporting systematic projects from education, investment, entrepreneurship to training youths who will lead the future by realizing their dreams.
Youth startup contest > Youth startup league > Startup sponsorship > Startup investment
Sponsoring ‘Bakery Cafe,’ the youth independence support project
Changwon Community Self-support Center (2020)
Gwangju Dong-gu Community Self-support Center (2021)
Environmental Protection We are leading the protection of environment through the ‘Saving Ocean’ project by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation in addition to activities such as the urban forest creation and reforesting burned forests.
Saving Ocean and Companion Beach Project(video and vehicle promotion, cleaning of Jeju Pyoseon Beach)
Environmental purification activities by each business site(Cleaning the surroundings of the HQ, 58 national branches, and 7 factories every month)
Ecosystem protection activities - Protecting Forest(a project for creating a ‘Beautiful Forest’ in the burned forest area of the east coast)
Sharing&Volunteer Work We signed a joint agreement with the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2013 and have been carrying out the project for supporting residents of Jjokbangchon every year. We also conduct sharing and volunteer activities for the disabled, children, and the elderly of nationwide social welfare organizations.
Sponsoring residents of the five Jjokbangchon areas in Seoul with the Seoul Metropolitan Government
Sponsoring the vulnerable classes of social welfare organizations
Donating service vehicles to social welfare organizations

mid-to long-term goals

  • Social trouble shooting

    Aware of social phenomena
    and troubles, we actively
    contribute to solve them.

  • Win-win cooperation

    We lay stepping stones for
    coevolving with our partner

  • Value-sharing across

    By sharing the value of social
    contribution and voluntary
    engagement, we fulfill our
    requirements as a
    responsible corporate citizen.

  • Partnership

    We create networks of
    experts in partnership with
    external professional groups.

CSR Management System

CSR management of 100-year-old HITEJINRO

HITEJINRO is a national company representing the liquor business.
We contribute to making the world happier by sharing joy with people and solving social problems.

CSR BI(Brand Identity)
The CSR brand is symbolically expressed by reflecting the management value and color of HITEJINRO..
‘Joyous and happy world for everyone’ is a slogan expressing the CSR philosophy of HITEJINRO.

CSR business operation system

HITEJINRO carries out CSR campaigns such as the ‘Last Digit Donation’ and ‘Employee Volunteer Point System’ to recommend donations and volunteer participation of employees. We actively encourage employees to donate and volunteer through various regular and temporary campaigns. We established an internal system to check participation status to expand the voluntary participation of employees.

  1. Collecting opinions of the community National branch factories, Local government, Welfare organizations
  2. Discussing CSR project Branches/factories, Sales/production HQ, Sharing culture team, Community Chest of Korea (by regions)
  3. Establishing a project promotion plan Reporting and confirmation
  4. Joint discussion Local government, social welfare organizations, Community Chest of Korea
  5. Implementation of the project
  6. Review of the project
  7. Establishment of the guidelines for the following project plan
  8. CSR Report