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HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. engages in CSR activities to create a more joyful and happier society for everyone.

CSR activities at a glimpse

HITEJINRO is a national company representing
Korea's liquor industry, creating a happy world by solving
social problems and practicing sharing with everyone.

Social Contribution Management Value

Through the core value of CSR, "Do With All Your Heart", we will become a company that truly rewards the love and interests received from customers over 100 years with true sharing.

mid- to long-term goals

HITEJINRO fulfills its roles and responsibilities as the first company in the Korean liquor industry to approach its 100th anniversary.
We aim to continue our journey for another century by carrying out social contribution activities centering on the four initiatives: support for the youth’s self-reliance,
the environment, safety, and the vulnerable class.

Four goals

  • Social trouble shooting

    Aware of social phenomena
    and troubles, we actively
    contribute to solve them.

  • Win-win cooperation

    We lay stepping stones for
    coevolving with our partner

  • Value-sharing across

    By sharing the value of social
    contribution and voluntary
    engagement, we fulfill our
    requirements as a
    responsible corporate citizen.

  • Partnership

    We create networks of
    experts in partnership with
    external professional groups.

4 core projects

Support for the youth’s self-reliance: Sponsoring Gwangju and Changwon branches of “Bbanggre” bakery cafe as part of the youth’s self-reliance support project
                                    Environment: “Pet-friendly beach,” an ocean cleanup project in partnership with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, “Safe bicycle riding culture” project with the Seoul Metropolitan Government
                                    Safety: Sponsoring citizens’ safety campaigns and families of fallen firefighters according to an agreement with the National Fire Agency
                                    Vulnerable class: Sponsoring the five “sliced rooms” in Seoul in agreement with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Donating service vehicles for social welfare organizations, Sponsoring social welfare organizations, etc.

CSR BI, Slogan

  • BI

    Our CSR logo symbolically stands for HITEJINRO’s management philosophy and colors. DOWNLOAD
  • Slogan

    “A world where everyone is filled with joy and happiness” is our slogan that describes HITEJINRO’s CSR philosophy. DOWNLOAD