COMPANY Globalization

‘HITEJINRO Co., Ltd.’ is going global.

The whole world is our stage on our way to the top.

‘HITEJINRO Co., Ltd’, the global liquor company representing Korea!

  • 1962, HITE launches the first export in Korea.

    HITE began operations in 1962 and was the first Korean company to export products, which quickly gained huge popularity in Japan, Mongolia, China, Iraq and North America thanks to its simple and fresh taste.HITE sold 160% more beer in Japan in 2009 than the previous tear; 2 out of 10Mongolians relish HITE.

  • 1968, JINRO soju launches the first export to Vietnam.

    JINRO soju was first exported in 1968, Korea’s first, and is now sold in 50 countries including Europe and Southeast Asia. JINRO is expanding the market share with brand-new soju that is adapted to local tastes of the US, China, and Japan. It has topped the world’s distilled spirits market since 2001, far outpacing whiskey, vodka, rum and gin.

  • 1977. JINRO soju expands to Japan – JINRO Japan hits the jackpot.

    JINRO soju was expanded to Japan in 1977,and as the first export, became the top single brand among 86 distilled spirits companies in Japan in 1998. This position was kept for 7 consecutive years until 2004. The brand name was enhaced by releasing ‘JINRO Makgeolli’ and ‘JINRO Tharudasi, a 10-year-aged soju’ in Japan in Mar. 2010.