customer Guide to Alcoholic Beverages

HITEJINRO’s Guide to Alcoholic Beverages.

National brand ‘HITEJINRO’ heads toward the 100 years of its foundation.

‘Alcohol’ is always around us to enrich and entertain people’s lives.
HITEJINRO, the oldest liquor brand in Korea that was established in 1924, has been growing together with people through the joys and sorrows of life.

‘Chosun Brewery Co., Ltd.,’ the beginning of beer in Korea
‘Chosun Brewery,’ the first beer company in Korea, was established in Yeongdeungpo-eup, Siheung-gun, Gyeonggi-do back in August 1933. Chosun Brewery started to export for the first time in Korea, introducing Korean bear to the world. Chosun Brewery changed its name to ‘Hite Beer’ in 1988 after reclaiming the No. 1 spot in the beer industry.
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‘JINRO’, the first brand to enter the liquor industry in Korea
The modern liquor history of Korea dates back to 1924 when Jincheon Liquor Company, the predecessor of JINRO, was established in Yonggang, Pyeongannam-do.
After settling in Yeondeungpo in the 1950s, JINRO has been conquering the soju market for over 50 years since it ranked the No. 1 in the domestic soju market in December 1970.
‘Chamisul’ has grown as the representative brand of Korea, topping the global liquor market since 2001. LEARN MORE
The oldest and the best, ‘HITEJINRO’
HITEJINRO was born when Hite Beer and JINRO merged in September 2011. HITEJINRO is the largest liquor company in Korea with the longest history encompassing beer and soju.
HITEJINRO will continue to grow as a global company beyond 100 years that continuously satisfies the customers.