ESG Sustainable Environmental Management

HITEJINRO, will Practice Sustainable Environmental Management Responsible for Long Range Plan as Top Priority



    100 Year-Old Corporation, HITEJINRO, Taking Environmental Crisis as an Opportunity.
    We will Practice Sustainable Environmental Management Responsible for Long Range Plan as Top Priority.

    Today, corporate management paradigm is complying with the law and corporate ethics, and the practice of sustainable environmental management is emerging as the essential element of corporate persistence.
    Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and climate crisis such as the acceleration of climate change, companies as well as mankind’s survival is being threatened. In an era where environment is essential for survival, HITEJINRO has taken the lead in process improvement activities for continuous reduction of energy and greenhouse gas as well as product life cycle improvement activities.

    HITEJINRO, beginning with the carbon grade certification of Chamisul in 2010, expanded its environmental grade labeling certification which discloses environmental information of 21 major products, and is continuing to grow as an eco-friendly company producing the first and most environmental grade certified products in the industry.

    HITEJINRO will exert its utmost efforts to turn climate change and environmental crisis into an opportunity through the minimization of resource consumption, eco-friendly purchases for recycling resources, and technology investment and development.

    We will Practice Sustainable Environmental Management Together with Everybody.

    The title of HITEJINRO as the national company and no.1 company in the Korean liquor industry continued up to the present with the love of our customers and the efforts and cooperation of employees and business partners. HITEJINRO will work hard to disclose information on environmental operation, protect the resource of local communities, and preserve biodiversity.

    CEO  Kim In-gyu

    • 1924

      • Jincheon Brewing company is founded
        : JINRO soju is produced
      • Chosun Beer Company is founded
        : first beer company in Korea is established
      • HITEJINRO Group is launched
      • Designated as eco-friendly company
        (present Green company, Icheon plant)
    • 2009

      • Participated in voluntary agreement
        for recycling soju bottles
      • Carbon grade certification of
        Chamisul Original, Chamisul Fresh
      • Established greenhouse gas
        inventory computing system
      • Designated as Green company
        (Gangwon Plant), No.1 in National
        Customer Satisfaction Index(NCIS)
        in Soju and Beer category
    • 2013

      • Chamisul Original, Chamisul Fresh certified as low carbon product, Selected as excellent company for reducing greenhouse gas
        in agri-food category
      • Save the Earth/Really Clean Air – signed business agreement for 350 campaign
      • Carbon grade labeling certification for a total
        of 6 products including Chamisul PET,
        Chamisul 16.9, Maehwasu, etc.
      • Developed and opened ESH (Environment, Safety & Health) computing system
    • 2017

      • Low carbon product certification of
        6 products including Chamisul PET,
        Chamisul 16.9, Maehwasu, etc.
      • Voluntary agreement for improving packing material structure
      • ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018
        certification conversion, integrated system certification, environmental grade labeling certification of FiLite, FiLite Fresh
      • Agreement to change Icheon plant as
        ‘Plant in the Forest’ (fine dust reduction, tree planting. Gyeonggi Province)
    • 2020

      • Terra, Jinro acquired environmental grade labeling certification (21 type of HITEJINRO major products received environmental grade labeling certification, holds the only most certified products in the liquor industry)
    • 2021