ESG Sustainable Environmental Management

HITEJINRO, will Practice Sustainable Environmental Management Responsible for Long Range Plan as Top Priority


  • Dear HITEJINRO customers and stakeholders, I am grateful and pleased to give greetings to you for the second time with HITEJINRO’s Sustainable Environment Report. This year’s HITEJINRO Sustainable Environment Report focuses on the environmental management project implemented together with various stakeholders, which has developed with the analysis of major environmental performance indicators and continuous social value creation projects following the last year. In addition, our mid- to long-term strategy was reorganized to comply with various regulations urging us to respond to the climate crisis caused by climate change.

    In the midst of the corona crisis, we continuously implemented sustainable environmental management activities together with various stakeholders and achieved noteworthy results. During the last year, there was a decrease in consumption and market due to the prolonged COVID-19, but we implemented sustainable and continuous environmental management activities in line with the changing conditions. We carried out eco-friendly management activities that transcend boundaries, such as the TERRACREW Clean Campaign, a separate collection activity carried out together with consumers, and the launch of various goods made from recycled materials. In addition, we improved GHG emissions by 14% compared to the previous year through process innovation activities in all production areas, and as a result, the surplus emission right was sold to the emission market. In 2021, there was an eye-opening achievement of being awarded the「KAB Award ESG Management Practice Grand Prize」hosted by the Korea Accreditation Board because the practice of environmental management implemented together with various stakeholders in all business areas of HITEJINRO was recognized. HITEJINRO will continue to practice sustainable and sincere environmental management hereafter too.

    HITEJINRO has newly established mid- to long-term environmental management goals to respond to the climate crisis and will actively participate in securing sustainability for all mankind by achieving the goals. In the global climate crisis caused by climate change, such as the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and frequent extreme weather events, greenhouse gas reduction with a strong power of execution and the implementation of carbon neutrality are demanded throughout the world. To comply with the Framework Act on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth to Cope with Climate Crisis and realize carbon neutrality, HITEJINRO went further from the 25! Challen environmental management goal by 2025 to newly establish the by 2050 to zero! environmental management goal focusing on the use of water resources, greenhouse gases, and circulating resources. HITEJINRO will achieve the environmental management goal thereby actively participating in the securing of the sustainability of all mankind.

    CEO Kim In-gyu


    10 Established Jincheon Brewery Company: Produced Jinro Soju
    08 Established Chosun Beer Co., Ltd.: The first domestic beer company
    07 HITEJINRO Group launched
    02 Designated as an eco-friendly company (currently a green company, Icheon factory)
    06 Participated in the voluntary agreement for recycling soju bottles
    11 Chamisul Original and Chamisul Fresh were certified for carbon labelling
    02 Established greenhouse gas inventory computer system
    09 Designated as a green company (Gangwon factory), ranked first in the National Customer Satisfaction Index(NCSI) in the soju and beer sectors
    11 Chamisul Original and Chamisul Fresh were certified as low-carbon products, the company was selected as an excellent greenhouse gas reduction company in the agricultural food sector
    07 Save the Earth/Really Clean Air – 350 campaign business agreement was signed
    10 A total of 6 products including Chamisul PET, Chamisul 16.9, and Maehwasu were certified for carbon labelling
    05 Developed and opened ESH (Environmental Safety and Health) computer system
    10 Low carbon product certification of 6 products including Chamisul PET, Chamisul 16.9, Maehwasu, etc.
    04 Voluntary agreement to improve the structure of packaging materials
    11 ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certification conversion, integrated system certification, Environmental Product Declaration certification of FiLite and FiLite Fresh
    03 Icheon Factory Forest Factory Creation Agreement (tree planting to reduce fine dust, Gyeonggi-do)
    08 TERRA, JINRO obtained Environmental Product Declaration certification (21 types of HITEJINRO’s main products were certified for Environmental Product Declaration, HITEJINRO has the largest number of certified products in the alcoholic beverage industry)
    08 Renewed environmental performance certification for eight items of FiLite, FiLite Fresh
    11 Issued a Sustainable Environment Report (No. 1)
    12 Received the KAB AWARD ESG Management Practice Grand Prize

    HITEJINRO has continued environmental management activities in two axes: establishing a global level environmental management system and securing the eco-friendliness of products.