ESG Sustainable Environmental Management

HITEJINRO, will Practice Sustainable Environmental Management Responsible for Long Range Plan as Top Priority


  • 주류업계 최초,최다 환경성적표지 획득

    We have developed an innovative solution for the entire liquor production process to enable sustainable consumption.
    By evaluating the environmental impact of the entire process of raw material collection, packing material production, disposal stage, and using it as an opportunity for improvement, we are continuously raising the eco-friendliness of our products.

    HITEJINRO, as a 100-year-old company and the no.1 domestic liquor producer in Korea, aims to fulfill its social responsibility regarding eco-friendly products.
    According to the enhancement of corporate brand competitiveness through expanding environmental product declaration of major products, creation of eco-friendly product production infrastructure, and spread of investment and consumption which takes climate change response-ability as its key element, HITEJINRO has acquired and is maintaining the environmental product declaration of major products.
    For the first time as a liquor company, the company acquired carbon labeling in 2010, and low carbon product certification of Chamisul brand in 2013.

    EPD(Environmental Production Declaration) Product Line-up

    • Nov. 28, 2019 ~ Nov. 27, 2022
      (First certification: Oct. 27, 2010)

      • Chamisul Original360 mL/640 mL
      • Chamisul Fresh360 mL/640 mL
      • Chamisul 16.9360 mL
      • Jinro Grapefruit360 mL
    • Nov. 29, 2021 ~ Nov. 28, 2024
      (First certification: Nov. 29, 2018)

      • FiLite355 mL /500 mL/1 L/1.6 L
      • FiLite FRESH355 mL /500 mL/1 L/1.6 L
    • Aug. 31, 2020 ~ Aug. 30, 2023
      (First certification: Oct. 27, 2014)

      • Chamisul Original 200 mL
      • Chamisul Fresh200 mL
    • Aug. 31, 2020 ~ Aug. 30, 2023
      (First certification: Aug. 31, 2020)

      • Jinro360 mL
      • Terra330 mL/500 mL/355 mL/500 mL
  • GO GREEN! THROUGH START UP 경계를 넘어 친환경성을 높이다

    HITEJINRO promotes social innovation by providing creative solutions to environmental technology start-ups. We take a closer look at valuable ideas that can solve environmental issues and make them into the best ideas together.

    To respond to the rapidly changing food trend and secure future food, since 2018, HITEJINRO began investing in start-ups that cross business boundaries.
    HITEJINRO, beginning with entering the venture business investment for the first time in the liquor industry in June 2018, was selected as a corporate angel investor for the first time as a profit-making enterprise in October 2019.
    Regarding investment areas, beginning with investment to areas where the fourth industry and food industry is combined, we recently expanded our investment to the area of smart farm solution development.
    Through investing in start-ups crossing business boundaries, we are accelerating the preparation of the bridgehead for sustainable growth.
    In addition, by inviting startups beginning to develop sustainable environmental technologies to open innovation, we are attempting various activities for developing sustainable environmental technologies.

    History of HITEJINRO's Investment in Start-Ups

    • Signed investment contract with
      ‘The Ventures’ for the first time in
      the liquor industry

    • Opened shared office “New Block” in HITEJINRO Seocho company building
      to run an accelerating program

    • Selected as corporate angel investor
      for the first time as a profit-making
      enterprise in Korea

    • Invested first shares on Appacompany
      Co., Ltd. (service name: Yorivery)

    • Invested shares on living technology company, Leedeyeon and sports quiz game company, Dev.Head

    • Invested shares on food platform company, ‘Tablewithlife (service name: per meal)’

    • Invested shares on Foodison
      (service name: Sinseonhae)

    • Invested shares on smart farm total solution, Firmmit

    • Invested shares on corporate software developer, Space river

    • Invested shares on seasoned vegetable processing & distribution platform, NT

    • Invested shares on smart farm special crops cultivation & distribution start-up, Griin