ESG Sustainable Environmental Management

HITEJINRO, will Practice Sustainable Environmental Management Responsible for Long Range Plan as Top Priority


  • From Eco-Friendly Consumption to Eco-Friendly Lifestyles

    In 2022, as a result of the proper separation of disposal in 2021, we are striving to bring ourselves closer to a valuable consumer life by producing and providing various upcycling goods such as eco-bags and leggings using recycled materials.In order to minimize the environmental impact of consumption and disposal stages in addition to the production stage, and to spread a culture of proper resource circulation, we collaborated with Yogiyo-TERRA Cycle to carry out the ‘Clean Recycling’ campaign.

    HITEJINRO's eco-friendly goods production

    Production of Skullpig-TERRA ecofriendly leggings

    We collaborated with Skullpig, a domestic athleisure brand, to produce eco-friendly leggings goods. We produced the leggings using ‘Cella Recycle’, a sustainable and eco-friendly material in order to strengthen the brand value of Clean TERRA and to provide eco-friendly consumption oppor- tunities to MZ generation consumers. The eco-friendly leggings are sold through the official online malls (Skullpig, Toad Store) and department stores.

    Business value
    Production and sales of goods that fit the brand identity
    Joint development activities in collaboration sith companies in various speciallized fields
    Production of Cueclyp-TERRA upcycling bags

    In collaboration with Cueclyp, a brand specialized in upcycling, we produced upcycling bags (2,000 pieces) by recycling ‘tonbags’, which are malt sacks after completion of the production process. These bags will be presented as a gift to consumers who purchase TERRA and will be donated to the participants of the ‘Beautiful Forest Creation Project’ conducted by HITEJINRO in collaboration with the Beautiful Store.

    Social value
    Environmental compaign carried out together with consumers
    Eco-marketing that crosses procuct boundaies

    Clean Recycling Campaign(April to August 2021)

    HITEJINRO carried out a clean recycling campaign in collaboration with Yogiyo-BGF Retail (CU)-TERACYCLE. TERRA Crew seasons 1, 2, and 3 were recruited, and a total of 3,955 persons participated in the clean recycling. We granted TERRA Crew a mission to separately collect recyclable wastes such as plastic delivery containers and cans, and a total of 4.1 tons of plastics were collected. Excellent participants were selected and provided with upcycling products and discount coupons.

    Collection rate
    Zero waste box collection rate About 85%
    Campaign collection
    Plastics/ cans collected in season 1 About 4.1 ton/ 876kg
    Number of pre-promotion participants
    Eco-freindly index texst 6,582 persons applied
    Number of campaign applicants
    Season 1,2,3 3,955 persons applied
    TERRA X Yogiyo X TERRACYCLE Collaborative Recycling Campaign
    1. Promotion of campaign through pre-quiz viral
    2. Campaign launching through 'Yogiyo' app banner
    3. For three months, a total of 3,000 participants were recruited to collect cans anf delivery containers
    4. Rewars were given to partivipants who collected the wastes in proper ways
  • Crossed The Boundary to Enhance Eco-Friendliness

    Since 2018, HITEJINRO has been actively discovering and nurturing startups with potential in various fields and investing in them so that they can grow together with HITEJINRO.In 2021, HITEJINRO produced, marketed, and sold collaboration products with ‘LEEDEYEON,’ a startup that received investment from HITEJINRO. HITEJINRO will continue to maintain a sustainable relationship with startups, seek collaboration, and lead shared growth through support necessary for growth. In 2022, follow-up investments will be made in ‘Permit’,a smart farm startup. HITEJINRO is committed to providing the necessary support while maintaining a sustainable development relationship rather than a one-time investment. To enables startups to grow more stably, since 2018, HITEJINRO has been operating a program to discover startups and a shared office ‘New Block’.

    Going beyond invetment toward collaboration with 'LEEDEYEON', a living tech smart home startup

    In addition to food and beverages, HITEJINRO is carrying out equity investments in startups equipped with technology and competitiveness in various fields. In 2020, HITEJINRO signed an equity investment agreement with ‘LEEDEYEON’, a living tech smart home startup. The cork Bluetooth speaker, LEEDEYEON’s representative product, was developed through the design thinking process termed ‘You can design music using an empty bottle’ and was developed with LEEDEYEON’s own technology. In 2021, according to the proposal of LEEDEYEON, a product was produced in a limited quantity with collaboration between ‘JINRO’, a HITEJINRO’s environmental product declaration certified product, and LEEDEYEON’s Bluetooth speaker through Wadiz funding and sold online and offline. This can be said to be a meaningful project that led to the sales of a product produced through collaboration between the two companies after HITEJINRO’s equity investmen tin the startup. HITEJINRO will continue to seek cooperation with startups while maintaining sustainable developmental relationships even after discovering and investing in startups without boundaries and will lead shared growth with unstinting support necessary for growth.

    Growth with Startups
    1. Discovery of and investment in startups, Equity Investment
    2. Collaboration with startups, Collaborative product production
    3. Marketing
    Interview LEEDEYEON | CEO Lee Yeon-taek of LEEDEYEON
    What were good points/advantages When you were receiving HITEJINRO's startup investment support?
    In addition to financial investment, they understood startups and opened up opportunities for collaboration, and each and every startup management team members meticulously accelerated the necessary parts. Before launching the new product, we were able to sell our products with toad characters in collaboration with HITEJINRO Marketing, which led to a good result. We were able to gain strength for growth because they helped us link with various businesses. The biggest advantage is that HITEJINRO actively supports with various networks possessed by HITEJINRO such as marketing, distribution, and manufacturing.
    If you were to introduce HITEJINRO’s startup support project to other startup representatives, how would you like to introduce it?
    Since the establishment, I have attracted a total of 8 investments and among them, HITEJINRO is the best investor. The investment team closely accelerates the startup ecosystem and provides customized consulting to fit the ecosystem. A win-win relationship through collaboration with HITEJINRO is important, but HITEJINRO is also a good investor that provides a lot of business help