ESG Safety and Health Management

HITEJINRO declares safety and health management policies, prioritizing safety and health.

안전 교육 및 훈련

HITEJINRO endeavors to increase workers’ safety awareness by providing not only legally mandated safety education,
but also various education programs such as accident case studies to prevent negligent accidents among employees and business partners.
In addition, we produce a special safety and health education booklet to identify the risks in each process in greater detail.
In addition to the education, we prepare for emergencies by conducting first aid and CPR training annually, taking into account all potential risk factors for employees.

  • CPR training
  • Emergency rescue training
  • Group training on safety and health

중대재해예방을 위한 설비 투자

HITEJINRO makes various efforts to prevent negligent accidents and create a pleasant working environment for its employees.
We categorize high-risk factors at our workplaces, consider countermeasures for potential accidents, and invest in facilities.
In many workplaces, we have reviewed in depth the risk factors of forklift fatalities and falls, which are the major causes of serious accidents,
and are implementing AI forklift human recognition devices and fall protection smart airbags to prevent serious accidents.

  • Implementation of fall protection
    (smart airbags)
  • Forklift auxiliary safety equipment
    (e.g. human recognition devices and rear lights)

임직원 건강증진 활동

  • Blood pressure and blood
    glucose level measuring
    HITEJINRO offers comprehensive health
    checkups to all employees every year,
    and strives to protect and promote its employees’
    health through numerous healthcare programs
    such as a regular intensive healthcare program
    for brain and cardiovascular diseases and
    a smoking cessation program.
  • Employee assistance
    program (EAP)
    Furthermore, by operating
    the employee assistance program (EAP),
    which offers confidential counseling on personal
    issues or work-related stress, we actively assist
    employees in looking after not only their bodies
    but also their minds.

도급업체 안전관리 강화

By applying our safety and health management system to our business partners, we promote safety management activities centered on the prevention of serious accidents, and we are constantly implementing safety and health improvement activities by establishing the safety and health consultative group.
In addition, we are striving to improve the level by preparing an evaluation process to build safety and health capacity of business partners,
and actively supporting safety management activities by paying safety and health expenses.

  • For education / tour/group inspections
  • Safety and health consultative group