esg Compliance Program

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. aims to comply with fair trade regulations.

A compliance system to ensure voluntary
adherence to fair trade regulations

Fair Trade Policy

HITEJINRO, as a leading company in the alcoholic beverage industry, recognizes the importance of fair competition, sustainable growth, and balanced development within the industry. We are committed to voluntarily complying with fair trade regulations. HITEJINRO’s Code of Ethics includes provisions related to “Coexistence Management with Partner Companies” and explicitly outlines the principles of fair trade.

Article 6 of the Code of Ethics (Excerpt)
Fair Trade Duty of Integrity
All transactions must undergo sufficient prior consultation regarding their conditions and procedures.
Members must not engage in any form of misconduct by abusing their superior position in the course of their duties.
Members must ensure fairness to prevent transactions from being unjustly terminated under unilateral judgment.
Members must notify the reason for the termination of transactions to the partner company when a transaction is suspended, ensuring objectivity and validity.
Members must not accept money, gifts, favors, or any form of gratuities from customers or partner companies that have direct or indirect relationships with the company’s business.
If a partner company offers gifts, money, or favors to members, the company may impose disadvantages on the business relationship as a result.