esg Compliance Program

At HITEJINRO, we adopted the Compliance Program to ensure full compliance with the Fair Trade Act.

Compliance system operated by companies to ensure voluntary compliance with the Fair Trade Act

The Compliance Program is designed to identify any violations
of the law and promptly take the necessary measures by
defining a clear code of conduct for employees.

Adoption Background

At HITEJINRO, we adopted the Compliance Program to promote fair competition and ensure sustainable
growth in the beverage alcohol industry. Based on sound ethics, we take our business to the next level.

7 Key Factors

Our Compliance Program includes the 7 Key Factors as shown below.

  • Management’s Commitment
    to Voluntary
  • Designation of Compliance Officer
  • Distribution of Compliance Handbook
  • Training Program
  • Monitoring System
  • Disciplinary Measures on Violations
  • Document Management System

Voluntary on SystemCompliance Organizati

  1. Chief Compliance Officer
  2. Compliance Team
  3. Compliance Supervisor
  4. Sales Support Office, Marketing Office, Purchase Team, Production Planning Team
  5. Compliance Manager
  6. 6 Parts