esg CSR Activities

HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. shares joy with all members of society.

Volunteer & Joy Sharing through joyful participation

We at HITEJINRO show our love for our neighbors
in local communities around the country, including Gangwon State, Chungcheong-do,
Gyeongsang-do, Jeolla-do, and Gyeonggi-do, through various volunteer activities.

  • Chamisul College Volunteers
    Comprised of college students, the unit participates in diverse volunteering activities such as visiting social welfare facilities, emergency relief, and social awareness campaign with HITEJINRO employees.
  • Toad Volunteers
    Comprised of employees and college students, the unit makes homebuilding volunteering for homeless low income people in cooperation with Korean Habitat.
  • Blood donations
    We hold blood donation events with employees and the Red Cross every year, donating blood to the Leukemia Patients Association.
  • Disaster Recovery
    We take an active part in annual worldwide disaster relief efforts such as typhoons and floods, the South Asian tsunami, and Eastern Japan Earthquake.
  • Briquette sharing
    Each winter, we go visit people who are underprivileged to offer briquettes and make donations. This is part of our effort to help make our society a place where everyone can stay warm during cold winter.
  • Meal donation campaign
    Through this campaign, we make meal donations in the spirit of sharing. Every employee participates in the campaign on the first day of each year. We support starving children in Korea through Childfund Korea.
  • Show kindness for others through charity work on New Year's Day
    Our employees visit seniors living alone on New Year's Day each year to have a chat with them and give them holiday gifts to display our love for our neighbors.
  • Water Sharing Festival for celebrating Water Day
    On UN-designated World Water Day (March 22) each year, our employee volunteers talk about the importance of water and promote how to protect the environment and save water with “Raindrop” materials prepared to be handed out to citizens.
  • Chuseok festival
    We invite disabled people from welfare centers and their families and hold a Chuseok festival where they can make songpyeon (rice cake) and participate in traditional games to fully enjoy the blessed atmosphere of Chuseok each year.
  • HITEJINRO wall painting
    HITEJINRO's voluntary group comprising of executives and team leaders go visit low-income neighborhoods and participate in wall painting to improve the appearance of deteriorated walls.
  • Regular voluntary work at Seoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital
    After building a relationship with the hospital through the Dream Voucher Project, HITEJINRO employees have formed a regular voluntary group and carrying out voluntary work for infants and children suffering from various physical conditions.
  • Carnation corsages for seniors on Parent’s Day
    Our voluntary group visits a seniors’ welfare center to put carnation corsages on seniors at the center and cook and serve meals for them to show their gratitude and respect to their elders.