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HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. shares joy with all members of society.

Safre&Joy 깨끗한 마음 따뜻한 세상

HITEJINRO’s key CSR program “Talent Fostering”
is carried out with scholarships raised through HITEJINRO’s
companywide project “Love CAP”. We spend the funds to support
talent around the country, and we’ve donated a “scholarship for Icheon citizens”.

  • Green company
    Icheon factory in 2007 and 2010 followed by the Gangwon plant in 2011 was selected as a green company by the Ministry of Environment for their environmental conservation efforts together with green campaigns, which remind citizens of the value of water.
  • Kids stewardship program
    We made an agreement with the Korean Youth Chamber to protect children from social risks and promote their healthful growth and have raised 120 million won for kids’ safety awareness activities.
  • Promotion of responsible drinking
    We enlighten the public on “responsible drinking culture and anti-violent drinking” by making information available to various groups through a variety of communication media, including inserting awareness notices in our products and distributing copies of a responsible drinking brochure to liquor shops in cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.
  • Water Sharing Festival
    We hold our Water Sharing Festival each year on the UN-designated World Water Day (March 22) to promote the importance of water among the general public and provide clean drinking water to children in remote countries suffering from water shortage.