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HITEJINRO Co., Ltd. shares joy with all members of society.

Healing&Joy 함께 웃는 세상 만들기

HITEJINRO’s key CSR program “Talent Fostering”
is carried out with scholarships raised through HITEJINRO’s
companywide project “Love CAP”. We spend the funds to support
talent around the country, and we’ve donated a “scholarship for Icheon citizens”.

  • Medical supports
    We provide funds for medical treatments, such as vaccination and emergency surgeries, to help Korean Chinese people living in Korea, who often give up on receiving medical procedures due to financial difficulties.
  • Scholarships
    We provide scholarships to 11 children of Korean Chinese families in Korea, including preschool children and students in elementary school, middle school, and high school.
  • Support for funerals
    When a Korean Chinese person in Korea passes away due to illness, old age, or an unfortunate accident, we offer funeral goods and drinks for the family.