ESG Food Safety Management

HITEJINRO Co. Ltd will take the lead in making quality management our priority.

Management Policy Management Policy

The food safety policy of HITEJINRO is build and operate a food safety management system
to manage elements of food hazards in a fundamental way to produce and supply safe and quality
products without harm to customer’s health and hygiene and to supply products that meet customer satisfaction.
  • 01

    Management Policy 01

    Establish and implement
    a prerequisite program compliant with
    legal requirements.

  • 02

    Management Policy 02

    Implement preventive management
    activities to prevent/
    control hazards in advance and
    supply safe products.

  • 03

    Management Policy 03

    Comply with HACCP plan and continuously
    improve system through revision management,
    thereby maintaining the safety of
    our products

In order to achieve this policy, all executives and employees will develop a detailed goal
and analyze the achievement results in order to maintain food safety of products in an effective and consistent manner.