ESG Sustainable Environmental Management

HITEJINRO, will Practice Sustainable Environmental Management Responsible for Long Range Plan as Top Priority


  • HITEJINRO With the goal of creating a culture of innovative environmental safety and health culture, HITEJINRO will practice best safety management,
    enhancement of employee health, and engage in sustainable natural environment preservation activities centered on employees and customers.

    Environmental policy Environmental policy

    1. Minimize environmental impact through efficient
      use of resource considering lifecycle and adopting
      optimal pollution prevention facilities.

    2. Protect the environment of local communities through transparent environmental management-related information disclosure and systematic management.

    Safety / Health Policy Safety / Health Policy

    1. Engage in continuous improvement activities to create a workplace that is safe and accident-free based on the principle of law compliance.

    2. Both the employees and the subcontractors will preemptively identify risks and improve them in order to create a healthy and safe workplace.

    CEO, HITEJINRO Co., Ltd.

  • HITEJINRO’s environmental management system pursues global standard of behavior to fulfill the social responsibility as a 100-year-old liquor company.
    We are investing in innovative technologies and pushing ahead with partnerships to minimize the use of resources and discharge of wastes.
    Based on such experience, we are running an environmental management system conforming to the global standard of behavior as the leader of the liquor industry.

    21개 제품의 환경성적표지 인증을 획득하였으며, 이는 한국내 주류 최초 유일 최다 성과입니다. 100% 하이트진로 국내 6개 사업장은 ISO 14001 + ISO 45001 통합인증 전환은 완료하였습니다.

    Environmental Management Policy

    Beginning with the green company certification of HITEJINRO’s Icheon and Gangwon plants, all production sites have acquired integrated certification of ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 45001 safety & health management system.
    We are monitoring the operation status of all certified business sites by establishing a computing system to fulfill the requirements and carry out the procedures of the management system.
    Besides environmental management activities, we have calculated the environmental information of the life cycle of product manufacturing, and are operating 21 products that have received EPD certification.

    환경경영 정책 지도

    HITEJINRO has worked hard to achieve the “2025 CHALLEN” goal in order to fulfill its responsibility to improve environmental impact, and achieved remarkable results. HITEJINRO will continuously monitor and manage the goals achieved earlier while setting upward goals every year.

  • 2022 HITEJINRO Environmental Sustainability Report Enviromental Sustainability with HJ

    2022 HITEJINRO
    Environmental Sustainability Report

    HITEJINRO’s environmental sustainability report has been
    prepared based on disclosure requirements of Ministry of
    Environment’s environmental information disclosure system
    and GRI Standard Core Option.
    Upon reporting, we have considered the connectivity with
    SDGs International Code of Conduct.